Phase II Environmental Due Diligence - Atlanta Beltline

Phase II ESA – 95 Milton Ave

Located on a portion of the 4-mile Southside Trail corridor, Genesis Project completed a “fast-track” (3-week) Phase II ESA for Atlanta BeltLine, Inc. on a property located at 95 Milton Ave, Atlanta Georgia.

Scope of Work

Genesis Project was selected by the Atlanta Beltline to conduct a fast-track Phase II site assessment at a property occupied by a 14,519 square foot office/warehouse building and a 5,852 square foot warehouse structure, plus parking areas. The property was used over the last 90 years, for manufacturing farm equipment, as the Lakewood Station Freight Depot, for manufacturing printing ink, for the storage of building insulation, and for chemical blending, storage, and distribution.


ABI was against a deadline imposed by its remediation grants to complete the assessment in mid-November 2017. Genesis Project was given notice to proceed (NTP) on October 24th; mobilized to conduct site testing of soil, and groundwater 6 days after NTP; and completed all sampling in two (2) days. Upon receipt of the data, Genesis Project catalogued and analyzed the data, discussed the data with ABI along with our conclusion that further sampling was not warranted and submitted a Draft Report on November 10th. After submittal of the draft report, ABI requested Genesis Project to prepare a cost estimate of any corrective action required, including a survey of potential asbestos containing materials, and was submitted on November 13th.


The Atlanta BeltLine was awarded a $500,000 grant from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to support the remediation and cleanup of a segment of the Southside Trail between Pittsburgh Yards and Milton Avenue. The contaminated soil removal addresses decades of industrial use in the area and  is key to economic revitalization in the area.