Environmental Compliance and Emergency Response - Petroleum Marketer

Genesis Project received notification pertaining to a fuel spill at a gasoline convenience store and was on-site within 45 minutes.  Reportedly, a customer was refueling at a fuel dispenser when other customers, including a Police Officer, observed the customer’s vehicle leaking fuel.  Apparently, the customer’s car had a fuel problem resulting in fuel being released to portions of the site’s pavement.  The driver of the car leaking fuel then moved the vehicle away from the dispenser to across the site to a storm water catch basin located.  The vehicle was placed very close to a catch basin while it was actively leaking fuel which subsequently made its way into the site’s storm water system. 

Scope of Work

Genesis Project worked with the local Fire Department and a local Emergency Response Contractor facilitate the assessment and abatement of the spill.   It was estimated that 20-gallons of gasoline was released, with approximately 10-gallons of gasoline entering the site’s storm water system.  The extent of the spilled gas was evaluated to be within the immediate vicinity of the dispenser and pavements leading to the southeast portion of the site where a storm water catch basin is located.  No released fuel was observed nor detected within the offsite storm water system. 


The ER Contractor placed microbial dust into the storm water basin to suppress vapor odor and for the microbes to breakdown the spilled gas.  They also removed the absorbent materials placed by on-site personnel during the initial notification of the spill.  This was followed up with an additional trip to collect and remove the microbial dust and to perform a pressure washing of the impacted areas within the storm water system.  No other related incidents or accidents were reported in association with this spill incident. 


The convenience store was able to remain open soon after the spill occurred and back to normal operation with hours of release response.  Genesis Project estimated that the spill was below the Georgia EPD 25-gallon notification requirement and no additional remediation or corrective actions are warranted for this release.