Petroeum Marketing and Transportation Companies

Underground storage tanks (USTs) and petroleum hydrocarbon contamination represent a unique challenge due to the nature of the contaminants and the sheer number of sites present throughout the United States.  In addition, hydrocarbons contamination is are subject to specialized technical and regulatory treatment yet requires services that meet within the financial constraints of our clients as well as State reimbursement programs.

Genesis Project provides comprehensive assessment services and develops effective remedial alternatives for both surface and subsurface hydrocarbon releases.  We address each site based on the site-specific hydrogeologic conditions to create a cost-effective, low-maintenance remedial alternative.

Services provided:

Tank Management

  • Compliance management plans
  • Tank integrity testing oversight
  • Leak detection and monitoring
  • Tank closures and replacement


  • Soil and water quality investigations
  • Real-time plume delineation
  • Exposure pathways analysis
  • Risk assessment
  • Aquifer testing

Remedial Alternative Development

  • Pilot testing
  • In-situ biodegradation evaluation
  • Definition of remedial goals
  • Treatment system design
  • Construction oversight
  • System startup and adjustment
  • Operation and maintenance, training, and manuals