Georgia Brownfields Redevelopment – West Midtown Redevelopment

Located in the West Midtown area of Atlanta, Genesis Project completed a Brownfields Redevelopment project on a property located on Fairmont Ave. in Atlanta Georgia.  The property had been developed since the late 1800s and a portion of the property included an unregulated landfill from the early 1900s.  The objective was to receive a limitation of liability for residential use for the property. 

Scope of Work

English Fairmont Partners, LLC selected Genesis Project to conduct site investigations and prepare a PPCSR at a property formerly occupied by Evans Fleet Services, Arnold Zipperman, Holloway Waste Oil, and United Oil Brokers. In addition, the southern portion of the property had been used by the City of Atlanta to discard miscellaneous debris.


Genesis Project conducted investigations of soil and groundwater to determine whether impacts were present. Genesis Project confirmed the presence of the unregulated landfill but was able to confirm that no impacts of regulated substances had occurred to soil or groundwater. Genesis Project catalogued and analyzed the data, discussed our conclusions with English Fairmont Partners, LLC, and prepared and submitted a final PPCSR. The limitation of liability for the property was issued by the Georgia EPD on August 30, 2013.


During site investigation activities, impacted material that had been used as fill was discovered. Genesis Project conducted an evaluation of the material and designed, procured, and managed its remediation in time to forego the 30-day notification period under State of Georgia Hazardous Sites Response Act (HSRA). The success of the effort was established by confirmation samples. 


Today, this property is a vibrant neighborhood in the West Midtown. Called Westown, the property is now the developed with townhomes and single-family dwellings priced from $500,000 to $800.000.